This is our “pet” spider, Charlotte. She (or he) was here before we got here and had spit her huge web among the rafters in the peak of our house.

She is quite active, but keeps to herself. She lives directly above our dining table so every morning we have new gifts in the form of mummified insects to wipe up before breakfast.

Considering the number of mosquitos, flies and other unidentified insects wanting in our house, we’ll keep Charlotte around. Life is about trade-offs, right? But if we see an egg sack, we will have to reconsider the arrangement.

  1. Kristen Belflower

    Oh my word. Does Elizabeth feel the same way? How do you not eat just looking up the whole time???

  2. Pop Pop

    Should we send you some fiberglass screen material? Seriously.

    • Joseph

      There is a screen on the hole‚Äďand we can get more here.

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