Today we went to a Mumu. For those of you who haven’t read about this on our site before, that’s when they cook food in a pit–usually a pig is involved. Here is how it went.

Step 1: Kill the pig. (not pictured)

Step 2: Singe the pig’s hair on the fire.


Step 3: Wash and scrape off the singed hair.


Step 4: Put rocks on the fire to heat.


Step 5: Cut up the pig.


Step 6: Prepare the greens picked yesterday from the jungle on top of the mountain.


Step 7: Use some of the greens (that will be eaten later) to soak up the pig blood.


Step 8: Build up the fire and put more rocks on top.


Step 9: Decorate for Christmas. Just kidding, that’s the belly sack full of organs. But the red and green sure is festive!


Step 10: Wrap some meat in a leaf as a gift for the white guys.


Step 11: Pile some greens and veggies on the hot rocks.


Step 12: More greens.


Step 13: Throw on some meat.


Step 14: Add anything else edible.


Step 15: Cover with banana leaves and pour on some water.


Step 16: After an hour or so, uncover and distribute the food.


Step 17: Enjoy.

  1. Love that last picture. So cool to see your family thoroughly enjoy these moments.

  2. Pop Pop

    Mom O says, “I’d like to try that!” The best part might be all the mess is outside and there don’t seem to be any dishes to do. I wonder where I could get the banana leaves.

  3. Kelley Haff

    Lucy – your hair looks very beautiful.

  4. Ryan Burns

    I bet all those dogs enjoy cleaning up after the mumu is over. Do they eat any of the belly sack?

    • Joseph

      I don’t know if you mean the dogs or the people. Though we didn’t witness it, we were told the ladies clean out the intestine in the river and eat it. I don’t know about the other parts.

  5. Ashley Mozingo

    Loved these pictures – thank you for sharing with us. Praying for you! I know you give up a lot to have that gorgeous view of the sunset. We might need to come visit.

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