Today, I recorded the names of all these plants without venturing more than 100 feet from our house. So (after Christmas) I’ll work on being able to correctly identify the plant when I listen to the recorded Menyan name.

This is one of the methods we use to learn language when there are no classes or text books. Not surprisingly, the technique and its theory are based on the way children learn to speak–by hearing people say the same things over and over and eventually associating words with objects or phrases with the right action or situation. Unfortunately, studies* show that it is harder for me to do this than it is for my kids.

*By “studies,” I mean observing my kids ease of learning and comparing it with my own difficulties.

  1. Our family is going to start learning Spanish in 2014. So we are kind of in the same situation, except our livelihood does not depend on learning this language. And except that Spanish is much closer to English.

    Can I mail you a copy of Rosetta Stone for Menyan?

    • Joseph

      Joey didn’t you learn Spanish in the home growing up?

  2. Shandi

    I was missing and praying for you last night at the Christmas Eve service, and thanking God for your willingness to spend Christmas–and all the other days, weeks, and years–in a place that needs to hear the story of the Savior. You were definitely on my heart, and I prayed for you to be encouraged this Christmas! Hope it was a very special day!

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