The past two weekends we have taken excursions to play in the water. Last week we walked (about five minutes) to this small creek where laundry and baby bathing was under way before we arrived (and continued while we were there.)


Today we went down to the big river (about ten minutes in another direction) to play. The kids had a bunch of fun both times. We will count it as one of the perks of our job that we get to enjoy nature so easily–or is that just a positive spin on “remote isolation?”





  1. Glover family

    Gorgeous pictures. What an awesome camera. What kind? Enjoy and happy new year to you all.

    • Joseph

      It’s a Nikon.

  2. Denise

    It sure does taken nice pictures! Ba-dum-bum
    I am catching up on being embarassingly far behind on your posts. So thankful you are more faithful than I and that God is more faithful than all of us!

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