I went walking with Lipson to pick up some new phrases. He pointed out and called by name a few plants, most bodies of water and each variety of banana we passed. But I have already learned a few dozen plant names and those are not coming up in conversation. I was interested in his interaction with other people because I need to learn “small talk.”

He held a piece of beef jerky I gave him when we set out until we encountered his brother, Timothy. Then he split the jerky and they each ate a bit. Maybe Lipson didn’t want to suffer alone if things went badly.

On the trail, Lipson posed in this creek and asked me to take his picture. I’m not sure why he is pointing at the water.

Timothy asked me if I could replace the “teeth” on his sewing machine. He thought I might have spare parts since Elizabeth had sewn Lipson’s shorts. Not knowing what to expect, I said I would have to see it. As you can see, the machine is manually operated and nothing like Elizabeth’s. The piece he needs is the fabric “feeder” which I may be able to purchase next time I’m in Goroka or find in someone’s grandparents’ attic.

This is Timothy on his porch.


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