For those of you who weren’t following our latest saga on Facebook, here is a brief recap.

On Saturday Lucy fell from the cursed ladder to our loft. It was pretty scary for the first few minutes, but after the hysteria subsided and we talked to our doctor here, we felt reassured and decided we would have to monitor Lucy’s swollen, bruised, painful wrist. The Walker’s loaned us a splint and dinner–both great blessings. On Sunday nothing had changed and after conferring again with our doctor, we started making plans to come out to the clinic for an x-ray. Our support team over here really came through helping us to organize a flight, ground transportation and accommodations. Monday we rode in a pick-up to our airstrip where we nervously waited for about two hours hoping that the overcast weather would not prevent the plane from landing.

The kids spent some time sitting on the back of our 4 wheeler with their “activity books” as they call them.

We were excited to see the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) plane break through the clouds. We loaded up, but didn’t fly straight back to Goroka. We stopped in another remote location to pick up coffee beans–this is part of MAF’s mission here.

Once we got to Goroka, we had some lunch and then headed to the clinic. An x-ray confirmed that Lucy’s arm is broken. The doctor put on a plaster cast rather than a fiberglass one so that we can take it off ourselves four weeks from now. Lucy was a trooper through the whole ordeal. She is doing well now, though she doesn’t like having the cast. “Daddy can I take it off to sleep?”

Now we have to figure out how to get back to Menya.

  1. Kirsten

    Just wondering – how do you loan someone dinner? 🙂

    • Joseph

      It’s like loaning money. No one expects the same bills back.

  2. Ryan Burns

    That first picture is killer… girl knows how to work the pout.

  3. Glover family

    Praying for sweet Lucy. Sounds like when Emma fell roller skating last November and used her right wrist to break fall because she didn’t want to fall on her bum! As a nurse, I monitored for few days. Asked a doctor friend who said, Is it swollen? Yes. Then x-ray. Cast for 4 weeks then removable wrist guard for another 4. All well now. Praise God. Hang in there Lucy. Cast is no fun but fun to have signed!

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