We are currently living in a house that belongs to another family currently home in the US. Katie Buckingham requested a tour of our house, so Katie, this is for you:

Our bedroom. Well it was our bedroom when we took these pictures last Saturday, but last Sunday, after Lucy fell from the ladder, we switched our bedroom with the girls’ room.  We figured it would be a while before she could climb the ladder again!

Everett and Sylvie’s room.  And the closet for all the kids clothes.

Sylvie and Everett’s beds, complete with “skeeto nets”

The “school” room, in which we do store school stuff, but as you can tell, also stash everything else! We are setting it up to have a craft/sewing area and an office area.

The shower bathroom.  There are two bathrooms.  One has a sink and shower…

the other has a sink and toilet. weird.

The battery closet.  This is where we man all the solar electric power. By “we” I mean Joseph.  All I do is switch on the inverter and check the voltage of the batteries to see if we have enough power to use any!

The pantry!  We have to buy enough food for a couple of months at a time, so it is really nice to have a nice big pantry.  The big white things are a fridge and freezer.

Kitchen.  And Sylvie playing in the toy kitchen. Mudroom straight ahead and pantry off to the right.

Mudroom.  That’s the door in and out.

Table.  You can see our small laundry porch in the background.

Den.  School room off to the side.

Loft with the infamous ladder.

Sylvie and Everett’s room is the door on the right. The school room is behind the half wall on the right. The battery room is the door to the left under the ladder.  Our room and the two bathrooms are on the back left. Kitchen is off to the left.

The girls’ room at the top of the loft.

There you have it!  That’s the house we are living in!

  1. Kristen Belflower

    Love being able to get a picture of where you are!

  2. Rick

    I hate that ladder.

    (It’s OK for Christians to hate inanimate objects, right?)

    (If not, I’m very angry at the ladder, but I forgive the ladder)

    • Joseph

      How are you going to feel if you see that ladder in Heaven, Rick?

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