We have been a bit distracted this week because we have had six guys staying here in Menya to renovate the Walkers’ house. These guys are all part of our NTM support team and have flown in from Goroka to the job site. Thanks to this team, the Walkers have changed up the floor plan and added some square footage to their house. In addition, the Chappells (who return tomorrow) got their new batteries hooked up and their solar panels rewired as a bonus. These guys have been a huge blessing for our team.

Unlike the Walkers, we are living in a house that isn’t ours and we won’t be changing. However, we are hoping to build our own house sooner than expected–more on this coming soon…

Here are some pictures of the team at work:








  1. Kelly K

    What a awesome job those 6 men have. Such a blessing! Can’t wait to hear more about your house and the chappells return!

  2. Jen

    Love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. We’ve never met, but my little brother is Wes Chappell. Praying for all of you as you go forward with your language study and relationship building with the Menya people.

    • Joseph

      Thanks for the note, Jen. We appreciate your prayers and are glad to have Wes and family back over here.

  3. Mom O

    You all are amazing! What fun it must have been to be working together on such a worthy project. I’m hoping that the finished rooms have lots of glass to allow for enjoying the incredible view. I pray that work goes well and safely all the way to completion. We can’t wait to hear about your house!

  4. Lynette

    Fantastic shots. Thanks for sharing them, Joseph.

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