Today I walked with Daniel to his jungle garden. It’s tough (for me) to distinguish garden from jungle up there so I never let Daniel get too far ahead. I watched him tear some bark, tie it into a circle and then use it as a foothold while climbing a tree to retrieve some beetle nut. Then I watched him climb his bamboo ladder leaning on another tree to pull some daka from the vine. My list of things I’ll never try has grown by two.









  1. Mom O

    My goodness, don’t let Everett see this, or Lucy! “Garden” takes on an entirely new meaning.

  2. Bob

    Clever. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    So what does beetle nut taste like (please don’t say “chicken”).

  3. Denise

    God has laid png on your heart because he knows you will last longer than Todd. If we had been there he would have followed that guy right up the tree. He wants to hike the jungle sand kayak those rivers.
    (As for me, one look at one of those insects over there and I would have moved back to the states day one)

    • Joseph

      Maybe you can send Todd over to help us build our house.

  4. Terri

    I think you need to ask Daniel to wear a color other than green next time he gets ahead of you in the jungle.

    • Joseph

      I like that idea. The only problem is most people here have two shirts. I can’t remember right now what color Daniel’s other one is.

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