After a three day delay–which doesn’t qualify as a delay in PNG–I found the lumber jacks cutting my trees. One man ran the chainsaw while his supervisors stood close.

I am thankful no one got hurt and the chainsaw survived the morning since, I assume, I would have been financially responsible for any injury or damage.

Here is one of the pines coming down:

  1. Bob Lawson

    Do you have to pay all the “Supervisors”? Stinks that the tree broke in half on the way down.

    • Joseph

      I just pay the head supervisor. What happens from there is his business.

      I’m not too worried about the tree breaking because if we need more lumber, we will just cut another tree down-I have permission to cut down what I need.

      • Meagan Tyner

        Ok, that leads into my questions nicely…

        Whom do you get permission from? Do you pay for the lumber, or were you just given permission to cut down what you needed? Does someone own the land? What about the land you are going to build on, will you (or NTM) purchase that?

        I am a high school friend if Elizabeth’s that has been blog and Facebook stalking your family, and the “real estate” situation in such a remote area had me curious.

        • Joseph

          Permission from the District Administrator–a government official. The trees are growing on government property next to the airstrip. Land rights in PNG are different than what we are used to. All I can say here is, it’s complicated.

  2. dan

    How tall was that tree? I vaguely remember the pines in GA, but those look like monsters

    • Joseph

      They are really tall. I haven’t measured any of them. Do you guys have any trees in AZ?

      • dan

        Saguaros can get pretty tall.. we have trees brought in for the Christmas season, but them we burn them

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