This week we have been out at Lapilo (mission base) for standardized testing. (For you who care, i.e. my dad and Josh Patterson, the test is TerraNova) Most of the homeschoolers in our region came together for testing, fellowship, encouragement, and counsel. It is a treat to spend time with these fellow bush-dwelling, language-learning, homeschooling missionary mom friends!

This year was Belle’s first time being tested (first grade is the youngest grade tested) and poor Lucy was sad to learn she will have to wait until next year! Belle and I were nervous about the test, but we made it through! A perk here is we get to have a meeting about the results of the test tomorrow! We will get to see how she did and discuss plans for her education with the homeschool coordinator. We are so thankful for the support staff here who help us educate our kids! They are such a blessing!

Another part of testing week was the expo–a night where each child gets up in front of the scary crowd (other students, everyone’s parents, and a few teachers) to share something they learned this year. About 25 students–kindergarten through 7th grade–participated this year! You who know our girls would be surprised to hear that shy Belle got up and shared her animal classification project, but chatty Lucy was too afraid to recite the Old Testament books of the Bible as she had planned! It certainly took us by surprise! It was fun to get a peek into what all the other homeschool families have been doing this year!

This week is nice a reminder of how blessed we are by the community around us and the support workers we have who help us in SO many practical ways. And it was a fun time to enjoy some treats of being in town! Tomorrow all of us are headed to a local restaurant to swim and eat and celebrate!

  1. Lindsey New

    Yea Belle! I hope you have so much fun eating out!!

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    What a blessing to have someone who is able to counsel you for each child. I would love to have that here! You are doing a great job! Enjoy eating out and swimming!

  3. Shandi Stevenson

    Wow, what a blessing to have this kind of support and to be able to share the experience of homeschooling! I am so proud of Belle–I can’t even imagine her doing something like that! I hope the testing was encouraging for you and reassured you about all the things you are obviously already doing right! 🙂

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