Last week was home school week for Elizabeth and the kids. For me it was plywood week which has stretched into plywood week and a half.

My first task was painting our future plywood floor with two coats of polyurethane, sanding in between. I applied the polyurethane in the COC painting room–familiar turf. You can see that I leaned the sheets against each other to dry. I alternated between back to back and front to front with a spacer. At one point fifty of the seventy sheets stood leaning in a single stack behind me when heard a rumbling crash. I turned around to find that the spacers–small squares of 4mm plywood pinched perpendicularly between sheets–had all collapsed into a flat position. Though I didn’t witness the event, I assume it was as cool as giant dominos would be. Restacking those sixty pound thugs consumed a miserable hour, but the floor is now ready to fly to Menya.


Task number two was completing the cuts required for our cabinets which we began last September. I worked at this in the school’s Industrial Arts shop because the kids are on break and because the Industrial Arts teacher was willing to help.


This job included a great deal of sanding so I became familiar with this tormentor which cost me one knuckle worth of skin:


At the end of today I got all the slices neatly arranged so that I can prepare them for transport.

  1. You know, this is all the little things I tend to forget as I think about your role as a missionary. Remember that all these things that seem so far from your mission are actually a part of it.

    Thanks for what you do. We continue to pray for you.

  2. PopPop

    Uncle Joseph (for the second time):

    A little skin is a good day’s work. Be careful and wear gloves. Do you need better gloves, hard hat, eye protection or anything else? Getting a package ready this week. (Got the bars.)

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