Our trees were cut down about three weeks ago, but they still lie where they fell. I’m trying to figure out how to mill them.

Here in Menya we have two options for slicing trees into lumber. The first is a chainsaw in a frame. As you can see from the stack, it cuts straight along a curved line. I want our floor to be flat and our walls to be vertical, so I have rejected this option. The second option is the Lucas Mill. A bar with a blade rides along two rails cutting vertically one direction and horizontally the other. It is, by comparison, fast and straight. The model here, however, can’t cut anything bigger than four inches. For our house, that will be a problem. Also, the Lucas Mill has been available next week every time I’ve inquired.

Our hope has been to use a mill NTM has recently ordered which is similar to the Lucas style. It can cut twelve inches. We flew to Goroka hoping to bring it back if another team–who had dibs–determined they weren’t going to need it and if it was delivered in time. The other team determined favorably. So it was ours to use if it arrived. It arrived early last week. But it lacked an essential part. The part arrived separately on Thursday. But when it was tested, there was a problem. Now we are back in Menya with the same two options, still hoping for the third.

Please pray that God will provide us with a good way to cut our trees soon.

  1. Bob Lawson

    Do you have access to an aluminum ladder and a level? you could lay the ladder on top of the tree, level it up, and us it to make the first cut using the chainsaw mill. Or will the chainsaw mill not stay straight even with a straight guide.

    • Joseph

      I like the idea. But we don’t have a ladder that would work for that.

      • Kelley Haff

        Just run over to home depot and pick up the ladder.

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