Yesterday we went for a family walk.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids, especially Belle, have really grown and adjusted to life here, and are able to go on walks and be followed by groups of people and have a lot of fun.  That makes me happy.

Here are our happy girls running toward the river:

Daddy and the other two weren’t far behind:

Here is our entourage that followed us most of the way:

Belle wanted to try going out on the bridge, but she was pretty scared.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the pic, but it is a scary bridge, so I don’t blame her!  The Menyan kids sure do just run across it though!

or sit perched atop it! (He’s not actually out over the water)

After we saw the bridge, we were letting the kids play in the stream when there was huge commotion just a few feet away.

It turns out someone had found a snake in the coffee garden. They were all running around screaming and laughing.  It was pretty exciting. This guy brought it out of the garden on this stick and  carried it down to the stream where he threw it on the rocks.  All the kids followed him and grabbed stones and started throwing them at the snake!

Just a fun filled Saturday afternoon for us!


  1. Kelly Keever

    Love the pictures and the story. Yall were upstaged by a snake 🙂

  2. Beth M

    And we just went to a hockey game for our Saturday family entertainment. I’d take scary bridge and snake over that any day!

  3. Andrea

    I love all the sweet pictures. Love y’all!

  4. spencer krueger

    We as americans loose site of the real world that we should be a part of.

    Thanks for sharing your family photos.

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