The mill for slicing our trees arrived Monday. It’s been a week of slow progress with a steady supply of setbacks. I have ended each day with the thought, “But now we are ready to roll and tomorrow we’ll kill it.” I was wrong every time.

Today brought work to a complete halt when we broke the belt and the back-up belt leaving zero belts. For those less mechanically inclined, let me be clear: the saw don’t work with no belt.

Cyclone Ita is passing south of us toward Australia and right now (Friday 8pm) it is raining both cats and dogs here. This morning we suspended a tarp over the mill so we could work in the rain and we covered the stack of lumber including 14′ boards with the available 12′ tarp with predictable results. Things could be better. Please pray for us.

Here are some good things:

  • No one has cut off any body parts
  • We have cut about a quarter of what we need
  • Everyone has learned enough that, if nothing goes wrong, we could work very quickly
  • The weather has been great so far
  • We have three potential leads on getting new belt(s) by Tuesday
  • We have had a good time working with our Menyan crew


  1. Mom O

    We are thankful for you list of “good things!” The first one is especially heartening and we will continue to pray that things go well.

  2. Jen

    How exciting on the progress you have made so far! We are praying for all y’all (is that how you say it in the south??). Thanks for the update. Hello to my little brother–loved the picture. 🙂 Jen

  3. Susan King

    praying for you all… belt and safe body parts. love you aunt Susan

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