Happy Easter!!  We hope everyone at home has a great time celebrating our risen savior!  We had a wonderful celebration here in Menya!  Although we celebrated alone this year, we are reminded of our hope to  one day be worshipping with Menyan believers on Easter.

Our festivities began last Sunday with our Palm Sunday fun.  A special perk of living here is being able to walk outside and chop down a few banana leaves to use as palm branches! The kids loved taking turns acting out Jesus entering Jerusalem.

This week we made some Easter cookies and resurrection rolls and studied the Easter story in school.

We dyed eggs (thanks Lisa!) which our kids enjoyed eating on Easter morning.

We don’t have any official Easter baskets here, so we made do with empty paint cans covered in scrapbook paper.

The kids were SO excited to dig in this morning.

We didn’t have much to put in their “baskets” so I made some festive goodies.


The marshmallow bunnies were a big hit

It is so cute how excited Belle gets helping her little sister.

We had an egg hunt with our dyed eggs (that’s our bathtub box in the background waiting for house building next week!)

Even Sylvie got in on the action

Then we went to the Chappels’ house for brunch, worship, and another egg hunt. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. Also, unfortunately, the Walkers couldn’t join us because they have a contagious sick child. Then, after a break from one another for a few hours to prep food and let the kids rest, we got together again at our house for our big Eatser dinner. It was so good. No pics of that either. But I do have these pics of our cute kiddos on Easter:


Happy Easter everyone!!

  1. Terri

    Random question, but in looking at what a fun celebration you had, which obviously took no small amount of time to prepare & execute the plan, do you find that being away from the typical American culture and all the things that seem to rob us of time every day actually frees up your time somewhat? My assumption would be that many of the daily tasks in PNG take far longer than here because you’re doing them without the conveniences “first-worlders” take for granted. Is either of these correct, or something in between? Just curious. 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      Yes and yes. 🙂 I do feel like I have more time in some ways because I’m not running here and there. But also everyday things take longer (cooking, laundry, etc). Instead of spending time running to target to buy Easter stuff I spent an evening making candies and baskets. You are totally right in both things you were thinking.

  2. Lindsey New

    I love your Easter “baskets”!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks Lindsey!

  3. oh my word i love yur creativity with your kids! the easter basket was genius! Pinterest would be proud!

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