This morning, when Wes and I arrived at our milling site we found a group of men gathered around the end of one of our logs. They were examining the tethered leaves in the picture above. No one would touch the bundle–at least not with skin. The group explained that an old-timer capable of sorcery had spoken secret words to the charm and left it as a curse. They said it would cause our mill to be damaged or one of us to be injured. They took steps to neutralize the threat.

First, one man poured powdered lime on it.

Then he dumped some water on it.

Next some guys covered it with pine straw which they doused with my mill gas.

Then it was set ablaze. I was sternly warned not to stand down wind where the smoke would contaminate me.

Once it was burned, the group agreed it had been rendered powerless. Later when a fight broke out and a man was cut, they attributed that to the curse.

  1. Bob

    Satan feels threatened.

    This incident, and those which will follow, could lead to discussions about a battle that has already been won. Easter made a difference.

    Praying for you all.

  2. Posborn

    What a lot of work there is to be done! We continue to pray for the people, you and your safety, and God’s word to spread among them.

  3. Kelley Haff

    Do you have any idea why this man would want to curse your mill work? Do you encounter much resistance for being there?

    • Joseph

      Whoever did it, did it in secret. But there was an ancient guy who came last week saying he wanted to be compensated because, as a boy, he had helped the first white men plant those trees. Some of the guys assumed it was him.
      Most of the resistance we encounter comes in the form of people wanting to take advantage of us to get money, stuff and favors.

  4. Karen Swoap

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this event with us. I know now that we will be praying for y’all as your home is built. I now know that you will definitely be building more than just a shelter for your family during this project.

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