Tonight–our team’s last here–I asked the guys some questions about their trip. Here are their responses. Warning: the subject of diarrhea comes up in this post.

The most surprising thing from the trip

Steve: We are building a normal house
Harry: The Filipino airline refused to let us sleep through a meal
Ryan: How much the Menyan people watched us and stared at us
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment due to diarrhea

The hardest thing about the trip

Steve: The travel
Ryan: Working in the energy sapping sun
Harry: The 14 hour leg of the flight
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment due to atomic diarrhea

One thing I wish I brought

Steve: Mountain Dew
Ryan: Sunflower seeds
Harry: My wife
Steve: Change mine to Mountain Dew and my wife
Steve: Also deodorant and two new pairs of boxers
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment due to catastrophic diarrhea

Your favorite PNG delicacy

Ryan: Dragon snot
Harry: Dragon snot
Steve: All the banana varieties
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment due to explosive diarrhea

Your Favorite Quote

Steve: Lucy about Steve – “The other men are wiser because they take their clothes to the bathroom with them [at shower time.]”
Ryan: Joseph – “Elizabeth, there are three men not working because you are talking to them.”
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment due to apocalyptic diarrhea

One thing people at home should know

Ryan: Our mission at home to communicate the gospel to people who don’t understand it is the same as it is here–we just don’t have to learn the language and culture first
Steve: The foundational cultural principles that we take for granted at home–the way we live, communicate, think–are completely different here
Harry: It takes a lot of resources and investment to reach language groups like this with the gospel.
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment due to seismic diarrhea

The thing you are most excited about going home to (not related to your family.)

All: Sleep
Jonathan: Unavailable for comment, but it could be assumed that his answer would be “not having diarrhea”

And my own favorite quotes from the week:
Steve: “I guess I can thatch”
Steve: “It’ll look good from my house”
Wes: “It’s fine for Joseph’s house”

  1. Shandi Stevenson

    Thank you so much for this–a genius idea! 🙂 Next best thing to being there. A great way to start the next few days of praying for you and for the team on their way home.

  2. What an awesome post! Looks like you guys made a lot of progress and its looking great! Praying for you guys!

  3. I was wondering why I didn’t see Jonathan in many (or any?) of the pictures.

  4. Ashley

    This is awesome! Have tears in my eyes from laughing—thank you the glimpse into this time. It’s been so amazing to watch! Excited to see how God uses that home for y’all and for the people of PNG

  5. Kelly K

    So sad for our sweet cousin!!
    Love Wes’ comment! 🙂

  6. Miranda

    You’re killing me–laughing out loud!! But poor Jonathon–laughing at his expense:(
    Love this post–I know y’all worked hard, but I prayed for fellowship and laughter along the way, too:) Thanks for including Steve in a little piece of your life.

  7. I have really enjoyed following along on all of these posts! The benefit of bed rest has given me extra time to read and I have read and prayed along with this group. What fantastic work! I am excited for you to have a home of your own! Hugs from the Carsons in Cali!

  8. Awesome debrief. My favorite bits are the quotes. 🙂

    It is fun to watch you guys go through this process. God bless you!

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