Our building team left about a week ago. After a half day’s rest–all I could allow myself knowing how much work is waiting for me–I finished blocking between our rafters and purlins (that’s right Ryan and Jonathan, you missed out on some blocking) and then started on our window boxes.

I took the milled lumber here…

…and re-milled it with these tools to produce some wood we won’t mind looking at for the next ten or twenty years. It was a tedious process to smooth all four surfaces, but it produced plenty of sawdust for the kids’ enjoyment.

With my good looking lumber, I’ve been building these boxes in which to later install our windows.

In this picture, you can barely see that I have one leveled and plumb in it’s hole. Since then, I’ve added almost all of the rest. Still lots of work to do.

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  1. Susan King

    okay, so that’s alot of sawdust…..and the kids look like they are having a GREAT time. love you guys and praying for you, aunt susan

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