Recently a lady adopted a baby and came to show it to us.  (She actually rescued the baby.  It was a moving story.  The mother was young and didn’t want to have a baby and was going to let it die.)  When she came to show us the baby, Katie and I jokingly told her that they should name the baby Elizabeth.  We got a good laugh with the lady and her husband.  We hadn’t seen them in a few weeks, but today she came by again.  Guess what they had named the baby? Yep. Elizabeth. That’s right, I accidentally named a baby after myself.  I had no idea she would actually use the name! Baby Elizabeth is a beautiful baby!



  1. I really hope it’s a girl.

  2. Ashley Gaymon

    I do not read your blog just to see Joey’s comments, but it would be totally worth it just to see Joey’s comments. =)

    PS. Elizabeth is a beautiful name, and you are totally worthy of having a baby named after you, sweet friend.

    • Elizabeth

      I love Joey’s comments too, Ashley!

  3. Lori M

    I hope there won’t be too many obligations that go along with having a baby named after you! Beautiful baby is named after beautiful lady. 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      I also hope that!!

  4. PopPop

    Popularity of the male name Elizabeth
    Year of birth Rank
    1989 852
    1988 956
    1987 916

    Out of the rankings since 1989?

    • Elizabeth

      I can’t believe it was ever a male name!

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