#1 Sylvie thought it would be fun to see how far she could stretch my sunglasses. She did not give a report on the extent or quality of the fun, but for me there was none.

Since I cannot easily acquire a new pair, I drilled a hole in both pieces and used a piece of finish nail as a splint to put them back together. They don’t seem to fit as well now.

#2 At home bending two teeth on my chop saw blade would lead to a trip to Home Depot. Since an American Home Depot is my quickest source here too, I used my angle grinder with a cut-off wheel for a double extraction.

  1. Chris McGowan

    Nothing like being in a remote location to inspire ingenuity. FYI, you may want to remove the saw teeth that are 180° from the missing teeth to keep the blade balanced as it spins. May not need to, but if it feels like it’s vibrating weird that would solve it.

  2. Samule

    Was going to ask how that blade was holding up. Now I know.

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