It’s our first night alone in Menya–see the picture above.

The Chappells flew out today for a week and a few days in Goroka on business. With the Walkers in America, that leaves us as the only white people in Menya. Just yesterday Belle planned a party and invited “all the white people in Menya” which meant we had the Chappells over for dinner–as previously arranged–and played Pin the Tail on the Zebra. My tail was the closest and Elizabeth tied with Penny for the worst, but according to Belle and Lucy nobody won because nobody’s tail was on the right spot. It was Pin the Tail on the Zebra, not horseshoes.

This next week will be another week of working on our house for me. If things progress steadily without any major mistakes–something new I’m thinking of trying–we might be moving next week. That wouldn’t mean an end to the work, just a shorter commute. Our hope is to move once we deem the house “livable” and then work at a slower pace–maybe just one or two days a week–until the end of time. Then we can get back in to a routine of learning the Menyan language and interacting with our neighbors.


  1. Shandi Stevenson

    I think you are one of the funniest writers I know, and I collect funny writers! However, I know that the humor hides a lot of exhaustion and frustration with the long, hot, discouraging, and never-going-as-planned process of house building. You guys have really been on my mind lately, and I am praying for you! Hope you have a lot done to impress the other white people when they get back!

    • Joseph

      Shandi, thanks for your prayers and thanks for the compliment. I love being called funny.

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