Drumroll please…

Here is the house!  Imagine you are walking through the front door with us.  First you come into the mudroom.


If you turned around here’s what you would see.  That’s the front door (and a few others that haven’t been hung yet.)

Then comes the dining area complete with table and benches made by my amazing hubby.


That door leads to the porch.

Then comes the den.

I love our view!

Those stairs lead up to the loft.

Turn around and there’s the hallway and the kitchen.

My kitchen!

Those three doors are (from left to right) the pantry, the office and the mudroom.  And my little desk/water station is one of my favorite parts of the house!  Now I have a safe place to put my computer when using it for recipes.

Here’s the pantry.  It has the solar electric stuff in it too.


And the office.  It’s full of building supplies right now, but hopefully one day soon will be full of school/craft/office supplies.

Here’s the loft and stairs and the hallway.

As you mosey down the hallway, the first door is Everett’s room.

He’s kind of sad to be in a room alone.  In fact tonight he is sleeping in the bed with Lucy.  I think he’ll get used to it and enjoy it.

Next is the girls’ room.  All three girls in one room!


Then the kids bathroom.


Then our bathroom.  That’s right, two bathrooms!  We are SO excited about two bathrooms! I’m also unbelievably excited about drawers in the bathroom–we do need to order more knobs though.


And here’s our room.


That’s it!  We are loving being in our new house!  We’ve still got a lot of work to do, and as soon as it stops being a construction zone I’ll make sure to take more pictures.

  1. Jen

    The house is beautiful. I love the layout! What is the loft going to be used for?

    • Joseph

      Loft will be partial for storage–we order months worth of toilet paper at a time, sometimes have birthday/Christmas presents stored for a year, and things like kids clothes/shoes in the next few sizes. We will also use it for guests–grandparents, summer interns…

      • Jen

        Well, that is just great that you have that space for all those needs. Thanks for sharing the virtual tour. It was really fun to see the finished product! It’s beautiful!

  2. MomO

    Wow! I know you are thrilled. What an accomplishment!

    Jen, one use for the loft is a place for MomO and Pop-pop to put their sleeping bags! We want so much to come and visit these precious people and their new house.

    • Jen

      Oh, very nice! I hope that you can do that soon! I know those visits are far and few between and oh so treasured.

  3. Miriam

    I am just in awe that you(and friends) built this! What an amazing accomplishment and full of things that will make life a little easier for you (hello, kitchen desk and western bathroom). Way to go!!! It is wonderful and I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Karen Swoap

    Oh Wow! I love your home! It is wonderful. I’m jealous of your computer spot in your kitchen! Did you know that David and I gave up our master bedroom for few years to that the three oldest girls could share that room and the bathroom/vanity area. They needed the space more than David and me! We called it the dorm room. I see that you have a dorm room too! Your girls will love being together. I am so thankful that your home is built and that the curse that was placed on its construction was overcome by the power and protection of our Savior. What a great way to begin the permanency of your time there with your new neighbors.

    🙂 karen

  5. Rick

    Just think. If you had built your house in my neighborhood, it would be worth $28,000,000.

    • Joseph

      What makes you think it’s not?

      • Rick

        Well, when I look at the pictures, I can see that several doors are not yet hung, nor framed, and you haven’t done the wainscoting yet.

  6. Kelley Haff

    It looks great! I can not believe you guys built that yourself! I’m curious about the loft’s purpose too. Also, refrigerator? Is one of the chests in the pantry a fridge or are they both freezers?

    • Joseph

      Kelley, you can check out the loft response above. One of those is a fridge, one’s a freezer.

  7. Shandi Stevenson

    Thank you so much for the tour–I love it! The view is definitely amazing.

  8. Susan King

    Elizabeth, This is really great. Sam had shown me the plans when they came through a couple of weeks ago and so it made sense to me. I am impressed by it….a bunch. Joseph , you have really done a great job.If this gig doesn’t work out you can get a job in construction!!! :):) love you guys!!!

  9. Shannon

    So fun to see your house guys. It looks really great!! Hope you are enjoying making it yours.

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