1. Lindsey New

    How do you ever decide on which ones to frame?!

    • Joseph

      This is the first house we’ve planned to live in long enough to consider framing and hanging pictures so that will be a new challenge for us.

  2. Kelley Haff

    Belle was very adventuresome with that one muddy hand! I thought Sylvie was becoming a true native PNG baby there for a moment. I was kinda relieved to finally spot the diaper.

  3. MomO

    Like her daddy when he was small, Belle apparently doesn’t think much of being dirty. He was good with chalk on the garage door’s fresh paint, though. What happy memories for all of us! Who gets to oversee the bathing? Is it begun outdoors with the hose??

    • Elizabeth

      I oversaw the mud, so I oversaw the bathing as well! It was begun outside for Sylvie! She was definitely the dirtiest!

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