This week we’ve had some internet trouble so we haven’t been able to blog, but we are operational for now.

I’ve reduced my housework to half-ish days so that I can get back out in the community. Our community is currently enthralled by the excavator widening our road and fulfilling a campaign promise. The road will connect an area even more remote than we are to the airstrip. We are benefiting because the ruts have been smashed out of the section of road we travel. We look forward to tens of days of good driving conditions.

While driving down the road with children chasing behind, the operator likes to stop suddenly and swing the arm around quickly. I doubt the engineers at Komatsu had that in mind.


One section of the excavation has turned into a climbing wall.


Yesterday our whole family went to join the gawking–Sylvie was on my back so she didn’t make the picture.



What do you think?