Now that I’ve “finished” our house, I’m looking for opportunities to build others while I have momentum. Today Daniel and I hiked up a mountain to retrieve bamboo for his house, which took all my momentum. We didn’t go the whole way up because Daniel had drug the bamboo part of the way down on a prior occasion. From the peak of our ascent, you can see the white reflection off the other three missionary houses close to ours (above.) You cannot, however, see our house because it is camouflaged by the hill blocking it from view. As we stood enjoining the view, resting–or waiting on the other guy to rest–I counted three bundles.

I didn’t object when Daniel said he would take two.

You may not be able to tell from the pictures that the slope is about one degree short of necessitating harnesses and rope. So we walked.

We walked all the way back down to Daniel’s construction site where he will dry, split, cut and weave the bamboo into his walls.

Once we were back, I recorded Daniel telling me (in Menyan) what we had just done. I have something to study tonight.

What do you think?