As a child I was trained to fear snakes by a loving father. Consequently, when I see a stack of wood, I assume it is home to dozens of snakes plotting to strike. Today that respect-fear served me well. As I moved the last stack of surplus lumber from our “yard” to a spot under our house for long term storage, visions of serpents danced in my head. Thinking about snakes made everything look like a snake: a shivering blade of grass; this bark…

a discarded strip of window screen…

and this snake:

I recorded that video after cutting off the snake’s head with my shovel. One of the locals said the snake was not poisonous, but the snake refused to comment being in a foul mood following the decapitation.

Also in the wood pile, I found this collection of snake eggs.

Like their mother, they were destroyed by the unforgiving blade of my shovel.

  1. Shandi Stevenson

    Aww, your kids would have loved each having one snake egg to hatch into a special pet!

  2. MomO

    thank goodness you were on “alert!’ There is nothing wrong with a healthy fear of snakes – next time you’ll know that kind doesn’t have to be killed – just forced to leave! I have resident garden snakes in the compost pile that scare me regularly.

    • Joseph

      My adrenaline doesn’t allow for any snake identification until after they are dead.

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