Today I returned to the pines where we milled the lumber for our house. Most of the logs and branches we left on the ground have been claimed for firewood or smaller building projects. Our four-foot wood chip pile has been reduced to a few inches to fill chicken coops. The stumps have been burned, but still stand like tombstones. The forrest was peaceful without a chainsaw ripping it apart. I could not resist the invitation to reflect on all that has happened since April 7, the day the mill arrived.

We are thankful for all that God has accomplished over the months. We are thankful for the financial contributions that allowed us to build. We are thankful for the planners. We are thankful for our partners who milled and framed with us. We are thankful for our team from Grace Church and our NTM support team here in PNG who did the majority of the work. We are thankful for the prayers. We are thankful that injuries have been few and slight. We are thankful for the grace to walk through each challenge along the way. We are thankful to be sleeping in our home.

  1. MomO

    Add to that the grateful parents who rejoice with you in knowing that you have a home of your own at last. We, too, are extremely grateful for the helping hands, the provisions, and multitude of answered prayers! Once again (and continuously) we are blessed. God is so good.

  2. Susan King

    We are thankful for you!! Your heart and the spirit in which you take one step at a time,,,,and look where it has gotten you. God’s grace as we need it….not before….not too little. I pray for you all and am continually amazed …much love, aunt Susan

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