If Robert Frost is correct, as a neighbor I’m insecure, ugly, and barely adequate. But we have a fence now.

I have had a few of our local friends tell me to fence in our land–some repeatedly–so that things won’t be stolen from under our house. Thankfully most of our close neighbors are friendly and look out for us. But I’m equally concerned with the non-thieving young hoodlums who step on and dent left over metal siding, scribble on $100 plywood with a ballpoint pen and turn off our water supply. I haven’t been lacking reasons, just time. The last two days I have taken the time because we are headed out of town this weekend. Now we have a flimsy chicken-wire fence that should keep out all the honest folk.

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  1. MomO

    I’m sorry to hear that even in your location you have to deal with dishonesty and vandalism! I hope your fences work. I can’t even keep the raccoon out of the tomato plants in the middle of Atlanta with stronger fence and all kinds of deterrents!

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