We are on holiday in Australia. That’s what they say here–not vacation. Yesterday we spent most of the day at the mall, which was an incredible experience after eighteen months in PNG. Here are just a few pics from it.

They have shopping carts for the whole mall–a pretty great idea which almost makes up for the ridiculous traffic circles. (That’s Elizabeth sporting her vacation hat.)

The kids loved the playground. The didn’t want to leave.

Until we mentioned donuts.



The food court had McDonalds to the delight of many. I ate a kebob.


The mall doesn’t have a real Apple Store, but at least there is an authorized reseller imitation where I was able to find what I needed.


  1. Rick

    There’s a Donut King in PNG; I checked. But it’s not in Menya, unfortunately.

    • Joseph

      We saw it in Port Moresby on our way through. It has a reputation as a roach king.

  2. Everett picked a nice one!

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