Today we went to the Cairns Zoo. Like Sydney and unlike America, they have more of an open-cage policy allowing visitors to walk amongst the animals. In the aviary, the kids got to pet the kookaburras.

The cassowaries are dangerous enough to necessitate a barrier.




The kangaroo pen is wide open. A 2×4 marks the do-not-cross line so the kangaroos can get away from people when they are annoyed or feeling lazy–their default state.



Belle found the boot from Wall-e.

And Lucy committed her very first photo-bomb.

Belle held a koala. A real one.


The kids enjoyed feeding the friendlier kangaroos.



We couldn’t pet the crocodiles.

And there was an old blue tractor.



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  1. Wow! I am so envious but also very happy for the kids. We should have gone there while we were in Cairns years ago.

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