This is Mount W from our porch:

This is our porch from the W:

Today I hiked the mountain with Wes and his boys along with Reuben, our guide. The peak is about 3000 feet above us which isn’t so bad. The slope is so bad. At times it was more like crawling up a ladder than hiking. On the way down I did a lot of sliding on my fanny. I learned that there at least five or six words for “steep” in Menyan.

Here is the jungle at the top as we approached:

Here is the jungle from the inside:

This is Reuben telling us how his father’s generation killed some of the first white people who came to Menya–they still have the gun they took off one of the bodies.

This is the top of Mount W:

We expected to find a larger flat area or dome at the pinnacle, but the top is just the path in the center of the picture above. There is precipitous drop on each side and the “top” is a ridge only a few feet wide. The highest two or three feet of that ridge are just a spongy compost pile. As we walked across it bounced and I could easily stab my hiking pole a few feet into it. It seemed to be entirely made up of tangled roots, moss and dead leaves–just the type of sure foundation you’d like on edge of such a height.


  1. Kelley Haff

    It’s so deceiving from the first photo. What was the temperature? The puffy coat and hat are throwing me off.

    • Joseph

      It’s not that cold, Kelley. I wore a tee shirt and was only a bit chilly when we stopped and the wind blew. It was overcast most of the day, but if it was sunny, it would have been hot.

  2. Bob

    Simply stunning… the Book of Revelation tells us that God will one day bring heaven itself down to the renewed earth to complete his redemptive work of dwelling with us… and this is a small taste of that earthly grandeur to come.

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