As I walked down a path today, I stopped when a couple of ladies asked me a question. I sat down to see what language nuggets I could pick up from them. The lady pictured above talked to me as if I was fluent in Menyan. She did so–before smoking–with a mouth full of spit from the buai she was chewing which made it nearly impossible for me to understand. Lest I deceive anyone, I wouldn’t have understood much without the buai either. In Pidgin, she explained to me that Wes had learned the language quickly, but predicted that I was not going to. Thus I’ve had to adjust the rankings of my language learning motivators. Here are the updated list:

I want to learn Menyan as quickly as I can so that I can…

  1. preach the gospel to people who haven’t heard in their own langauage
  2. prove this lady wrong
  3. impress my friends
  1. I can’t believe this lady bumped us down the list. Bummer.

  2. MomO

    That’s my boy!

  3. Lynette Cottam

    Keep pressing on, Joseph. Tribal people ALWAYS compare missionaries with their co-workers and what they say is usually not true!

    Love to you all,


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