We got a new pet and it’s a girl and she’s a tree kangaroo. We named her Brownie. She likes to follow us around the house. Menya people sold her to us. They got her from the jungle up on the mountains. The Menya people ate her mommy. She’s a baby. And she likes to nap in our lap. She feels soft and furry and she has a long tail. She eats leaves and fruit. She hops around like a kangaroo instead of walking. When she hops, her claws make a funny clicking sound on the floor.





  1. MomO

    Belle, What a cute new pet you have! I am envious because it looks like she will be a lot of fun to have. Thank you for telling us about her. You wrote a very nice message – keep up the good work. We like to hear from you.

  2. Sender, “What?!”

  3. Dana Wham

    Tree kangaroos are one of my very favorite animals! You are so lucky that you get to have one for a pet!

  4. Allison Rogers

    Best entry ever.
    How will you keep it from leaving? (Or becoming lunch for your neighbors??)

    • Elizabeth

      We keep it in a cage. We only let it out when we are with it.

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