This is Wati, one of my favorite Menyans–certainly my favorite seven-fingered Menyan. I’ve been meeting with him twice a week to learn language. He’s patient and he doesn’t call me stupid. He satisfies all my language-tutor-criteria.

Last week we walked about half an hour to one of his gardens where he’s been staying with his family for a couple of weeks. They’ve been clearing ground to plant. Above is the burning part of slash-and-burn. Below is the house Wati, his wife and five of his children have been sleeping in. (Look closely and you can see the roof is patched with orange plastic I gave him when my house didn’t need it anymore.)

Before I left him, Wati picked some greens for me to take home. He meticulously selected only the best parts. I’m just glad he knows what’s edible.



  1. Bob Lawson

    What happened to the other 3 fingers?

    • Hey, not all of us want to know.

    • Joseph

      Coming soon.

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