We are out at our base (Sobega) in town (Goroka) this week for our annual regional conference. More on that later. The break gives me some time to catch up on a story from a couple of weeks ago about this guy.

Wes and I were walking with Reuben who, you may remember, escorted us to the top of Mount W a while back. We came across a group of people and as we talked the interaction split into two separate conversations. I was on my own with the guy pictured, Misek. He asked if I had been up to the bush at all. I pointed to different mountains I had hiked including Mount W and indicated that Rueben had led us up there. Thankfully I failed somewhere in the verb-tense area of the grammar. Misek told me I should refuse if Reuben offers to take me up Mount W. He explained that’s where his power is and I can’t go up there and steal his power. If I do go up there, he said, he’ll sue me. I nodded with an accompanying affirmative grunt.

Before you ask, here are some questions I can’t answer:

  • What is “his power?”
  • What is his power doing on top of Mount W?
  • How could I steal his power?
  • If I stole his power what would happen to him?

All subjects for further investigation.

  1. Wow, awesome story, great questions! Sounds like a good springboard for learning.

  2. He looks serious about it, too.

    • Joseph

      No doubt.

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