I have Stihl trimmer that I can’t get running correctly. I bought in America in 2010 and used it for a summer. Then I shipped it to PNG and it was stored for nearly three years (without gas.) I can get it started, but I cannot run it at full throttle. It speeds up as I begin to squeeze the trigger, but then stalls as I get close to full throttle (see the video.) Here are things that haven’t fixed it:

  • Adjusting the high speed and low speed screws
  • Cleaning the screen on the exhaust exit
  • Cleaning the carburetor with carburetor cleaner according to instructions from a youtube video I found

If you can tell me what’s wrong, that would be great. It would be even better if you can tell me how to fix it.

  1. Mary Beth

    You said you cleaned the screen, but is there a filter that can be cleaned? If it’s clogged it may exhibit those symptoms bc of insufficient airflow. But maybe the screen and a filter are synonymous, so you’ve done that already (suggestion from my dad).

  2. Samuel

    One of my soccer players’ parents is the local stihl dealer. I’ll run by and show them the video and see what they say.

  3. Karen Swoap

    my dad suggest that you check the fuel line…maybe it is not getting enough gas to move to the next level.

    He thinks it is carburator or choke related. And suggests that you reclean the carburator and gas lines.

    Hope you’ve found an answer!


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