Happy Halloween from Menya!





We enjoyed our holiday celebration! It has become our tradition to make pumpkin pancakes for Halloween breakfast.


Then we had a Halloween-themed school day, which the kids were thrilled about. Another tradition for us is carving our pumpkins on Halloween day.


The kids were pretty excited about their green pumpkins! There aren’t any orange pumpkins here in Menya, but we were excited to get enough big, round ones for the kids to carve! I’ve bought all the round ones that have been brought to the house over the last 2 months or so! Most pumpkins here are long and skinny–not great for carving!


Belle with her unicorn.


Sylvie painted hers orange.






Everett’s is a dog.

And Lucy made a more traditional jack-o-lantern.

Since Halloween was on a Friday, we made pumpkin pizzas for our pizza movie night.





Then on Saturday night Penny threw a fabulous Halloween party for us!




The kids went as a chicken, a super hero, Elsa, and a unicorn.



The farmer and her prize chicken!


Penny had lots of fun games for the kids to play.


It was such a fun night! Our kids all agreed that they had TWO very happy halloweens!

  1. Ashley G.

    Happy Halloween to the Osborns! I always look forward to seeing what super creative things you come up with for American holidays. Y’all are amazing! We missed you at our party!

  2. Miranda

    Love all of these photos! What a fun party, too!

  3. Karen Swoap

    I think that the kids did have two great Halloweens! You are so great at keeping up with the American holidays while you are there. Are there any Menyan holidays that you’re learning about and celebrating?

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