Here’s something you may not know about Menya–or about all of PNG and possibly all rain forrest areas around the world: when it rains, the rain flies hatch.* And even with our sort-of-well-sealled house, we get swarmed by them. (I think some queen rain flies must have laid eggs in our walls during construction while everything was still open.) We just experienced our most extreme attack yet. See below.

Here is Belle’s Kindle she was reading in bed:


They seem to be erupting out the top of this wall:


It’s nice that they only live a few hours–at least, they only fly around our lights for a few hours before dying. Then in the morning, we sweep up heaps of carcasses.

*We call them “rain flies,” but I do not know if that is their proper name.

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  1. Mary Beth

    1. Eww.
    2. I’m reading a book about missionaries in New Guinea (the western part) during WWII…. Just read a part last night where one of the villagers asked a missionary very disgustedly if there were flies in Heaven, because if there were, he didn’t wanna go!
    I now have a picture as to why he felt so strongly!

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