This is Edwin, Mari, their kids and their bush knives who live about fifty feet from us. Their oldest son got measles a couple weeks ago. The other three have had measles more recently. As Edwin and I discussed this today, he told me this illness is a new kind. In the olden days disease did not pass from person to person. One person got sick, he visited the medicine man, and that was the end. Diseases didn’t “jump” from one to another. The medicine man’s diagnostic and prescriptive techniques were effective. The process included getting something form the jungle and burning it. The ashes were collected, combined with something else plus some spit. The concoction was then cooked inside bamboo. The result was a block reminiscent of taco seasoning that has gotten moist then hardened in the container. This healing bullion cube could be eaten directly or broken up and sprinkled on food. Edwin got one from his dad yesterday and fed most of it to his kids this morning. What’s left (in the picture below) he plans to feed them later.


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