Dinner parties look a little different here. Actually, the people don’t really have friends over to eat, but we decided to start doing this as a way for our whole family to get to know people and learn some language. Tonight we had our neighbors over and cooked up some kaukau and kumu (sweet potatoes and greens,) two of the local faves. I made some rice too.

Gabi and I had a good time gabbing while preparing the greens. I suppose thats not all that different from our culture! 😉

Then we cooked them over the fire.

Everett was excited to sit by Hoka when we passed out the food.

Then he moved over to the kid row. They were so cute all eating in a row.

After supper we roasted marshmallows so they could have an American campfire experience, but Nawi was afraid to try one! This is her jerking her face away from the marshmallow!

Even her Mom and Dad were a bit hesitant, but they liked it once they tried it. I guess a marshmallow does look really weird if you’ve never seen one before!

What do you think?