Sadly, another child in our village died from the measles this week. He was one of our closer neighbors.

The burial was a sad, unceremonious event. The hole was begun a day in advance and finished off the next morning with a dozen kids watching. Shortly after the preparations were complete, a group of ladies followed the grandmother carrying the body to the grave. When they arrived an uncle took the body and carried it the last fifty feet to the hole while the ladies watched from a distance. The father was absent.



Nothing was said. And, unlike the funerals of adults we’ve witnessed, there was no crying or any emotional display. It seems that the death of a child is too regular.

  1. Karen Swoap

    I got tears just reading this post and then when you said that no one cried…. I can’t fathom that. How are you handling this? and Elizabeth and the kids?

    • Elizabeth

      It was so sad, Karen! I didn’t go to the funeral because I didn’t want to take the kids, but I did go up to their house the day after he died (he died in the night) and I was so emotional. The grandma wanted us to look at the body, but I just couldn’t. So sad. 🙁 I expected them to be hysterical…it was weird to me that they weren’t.

  2. Shandi Stevenson

    Wow, that is gut-wrenching. A reminder to be praying!

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