I got to experience my first game of Menyan soccer last week. It was played on the field above at a different time when I didn’t have my camera. “Field” is misleading. The area is more like a golf course with sand traps, eighteen inch rough and unreplaced divots. The game started with ten on ten, but the numbers swelled over time to a crowded thirty. Eventually the game was paused to allow a few of the original twenty to shout at the late-comers. A few slunk off, but most stood defiantly. As the shouters continued shouting at no one in particular, everyone acted innocent. It took at least five–but maybe a full ten–minutes to restore the numbers. My favorite part of the afternoon was when a man with a whistle happened by. He took on the role of referee without appointment or announcement and quickly put the whistle to use. No one questioned his authority or his right to officiate. Maybe I should get a whistle.

What do you think?