Today Penny and I hosted our first “cooking class” in our new wind house.  We thought it would be fun to get together with a bunch of ladies and visit and also show them how to cook something that they don’t usually cook using ingredients they have access too. We made curry soup. I’m not sure that anyone will be trying to make it at home, but we had a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the company as well as the food.

Here we are prepping the veggies.  All the ladies contributed some kind of vegetable from their garden.

Filling up the soup pot over the fire

These ladies are tough, and have really tough hands, and practically stick them right in the fire. They get a kick out of how timid we white ladies are with the fire or anything hot. They all enjoyed watching us do it though!

Elli fried up some mushrooms and seeds too. Yum!

Even the kiddos ate up their big bowls of curry soup.

It was funny how grossed out they all were that we put pineapple in the curry! They eat raw pineapple all the time, but had never cooked it before!

We made plans to make sweet potato fritters next week! I’m looking forward to it!


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  1. Shandi Stevenson

    What a great idea! Looks like a wonderful success.

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