This is Wes guiding our two “Language Consultants” from the airstrip to our houses yesterday. These guys are missionaries who have learned a different tribal language in PNG and are further along in their respective ministries than we. In addition to continuing in their own translating and church planting efforts, they also serve as consultants to help others (like us) progress.

Over three days (starting yesterday) these two will be testing Wes and me evaluating how much we have learned. In addition, they provide suggestions, direction and encouragement to point us forward.

The “oral exam” is a nerve-racking, stress inducing procedure in which the consultants ask us to say progressively harder words, phrases and ultimately¬†full stories and conversations (in front of Menyans) until we reach the limits of our abilities. The exams ends when we cannot continue answering. Failure is guaranteed, eventually. Sounds fun, huh?

What do you think?