Our language testers have come and gone. They rated me level two on the NTM language learning scale–I have to reach level nine to proceed to teaching and translating. I was hoping for level three, so it’s a bit disappointing, but contrary to what this lady thinks, I’m progressing.

Our testers had lots of suggestions and input to help me move on from here. So now it’s my turn to put them to the test and see if their ideas prove effective.

  1. darla todd

    What, more than likely, you forgot to say…is that most at your stage receive a level 1 but you were shooting for a 3 and ended up with a 2. : )

  2. Shandi Stevenson

    Level two sounds very encouraging for such a difficult language and such a short time! The Markleys’ report on FB also looked exciting. WAy to go!

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