This week we made tortillas!  Well, actually we have made tortillas for the past two weeks, but last week we didn’t get any pictures.

We taught the ladies how to measure all the ingredients out and gave them a chance to mix up a batch on their own to make sure they understood how to do it.

They all got lots of experience rolling the tortillas out too! Notice that Esther (left) has a baby hanging from her head in that fabric through all of this!

We cooked some regular ones in a dry skillet and fried some in oil.  The fried ones, sprinkled with salt, were especially good with the guacamole, which we also taught them to make.

Here Belle is helping stir the guacamole and Lucy is getting some dough ready to roll.  Such good helpers!

There were lots of kids hanging around waiting for a taste…

which they eventually got!  Belle got to help pass out the tortillas to some of the kids.

Yum! Guacamole on a crispy, salty tortilla!  Welcome to Moe’s! 😉

  1. darla todd

    How many times can I say how amazing you all are!

  2. susan king

    I can almost imagine being there….do they like these foods that they have never had before? It seems abigail’s friends are not quite so open to new tastes. Love you guys!

    • elizabeth osborn

      Overall I would say the people here are not open to new tastes. Some of the people are a little more adventurous than others, but they are all so used to a bland, simple diet that its hard for them to branch out too much. I think all of them liked the tortillas. Some were unwilling to even try the guacamole, but the ones who tried it seemed to really like it. I wasn’t sure if they would! They eat plain avocados all the time, but mixing it with garlic, onion, salt and lemon juice (all things they have access to) is a little crazy to them! But a couple of the ladies ate a bunch of the guac, so i know they liked it! Love you too!

  3. Mom O

    Did you ever imagine that you would be giving cooking lessons in the jungle? We are so amazed (and proud) of all you do!

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