We are winding down in Menya preparing for our trip home. I’ve told the guys who have been working with me that I’ll print a family picture for them in America and bring it back. Here is my most consistent tutor Wati:

And here he is with his wife and five kids: Zabet, Haget, Beri, Kaian, Lee, and Lynn

  1. Terri

    We’ve learned from you about funerals in Menya, but I don’t remember reading about weddings. The family picture of Wati makes me wonder about that. Has there been a wedding in the village since you’ve been there?

    • Joseph

      Great question Terri. They don’t do any kind of ceremony (as far as we know). A man just chooses a woman to be his wife (or second wife) and if everyone agrees. They start living together. I have more investigating to do in that area though.

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