This may only be interesting to those who know Lee Cunningham. But I don’t know Lee, yet I find it interesting, so judge for yourself.

In February of 2014 I got an email from Lee Cunningham. The gist of the introduction was, “you don’t know me, but we have a bunch of mutual friends.” Lee was in Brazil living with a Brazilian roommate who was interested in missions in PNG and looking for a connection. I was happy to connect. We exchanged a few emails shortly after that. The end.

Sunday afternoon, here at our mission base in Goroka, I walked down to the field for the weekly recreational soccer game. I was early because I like to stretch my old legs, but I wasn’t first. There was one guy waiting. I introduced myself and we started chatting. After a few minutes, I asked where he was from. Brazil. The emails came to my mind, but the only detail I remembered was Brazil–not the Brazilian’s name and not even Lee’s name. Willing to sound odd if my hunch was wrong, I asked “did you ever send an email to someone in PNG?” But it wasn’t him.

J/K. It was. And we met him for lunch later in the week. He’s a great guy and we had a good time together. How about that?

  1. PopPop

    So for the old guy, what’s J/K?

    • Joseph

      Just kidding.

  2. I am thinking this must be the Steak Haus. It looks gorgeous. Have they rebuilt the main building [which was burned down during the elections]or is this a flashier decoration of the haus win verandah thing?

    • Joseph

      It’s inside the Bird. The steak haus is still under construction

  3. Hey Joseph! Glad you and Wandson were able to connect!

  4. Hey Joseph! I am very happy you wrote about our meeting. That does not happen every day! I had a great time and a great conversation. I hope your trip to the US is going well. Godly blessings to you and your family.

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