Back in Menya folks have limited wardrobes–most men wear the same shirt every day. I’ve not yet been able to blend in and I think it might be the variety in my attire that makes me so easy to identify as an outsider.

Over the last two years, I have employed a four shirt rotation (primarily) whenever I go out. Oobe performance tees in blue, green, red and gray. (I also have day-glow orange which I reserve for flight days so pilots can easily spot me on the grass airstrip.) They are comfortable, cool, fast drying and stain resistant.

I’ve decided to return to Menya with a more uniform clothing selection–one might call it a “uniform.” I’m hoping this will make it less obvious that I have many more shirts than everyone else. Thanks to good friends at Oobe and a recent sale I’m half way there so you can count on seeing me in pictures wearing a lot of heather blue for the next two years. Now for pants.

What do you think?